šŸ‘‹ Hi my name is Allan

Iā€™m the co-founder of Bloom, a YC backed startup where we help 100k+ teens start to learn and invest in stocks. When Iā€™m not working on Bloom, Iā€™m usually spending time with my puppy named Togo.

Previously I was:

Strategy and Special Projects at Robinhood

Founder of Glowless (acquired), a startup that builds transdermal patches to help alleviate ALDH2 deficiency (Asian Glow).

Head of Growth at Itsme App where I grew it over 1.5M users (+ hit #4 on Social Networking Charts) šŸ“²

Political Strategist to Michael Bloomberg where I built out unconventional campaign strategies. Business Insider profiled me about this last year.

Head of Growth for NUGGS šŸ—

Head of Growth for Andrew Yang, where I built out & executed strategies that successfully turned him into a meme, and netted his campaign a $1.4M war chest.

Founder at Fidget360, where we were credited being behind the "Fidget Spinner Trend"

I previously graduated from Byram Hills High School šŸ«, and dropped out of college freshman year.

Feel free to reach out and say hello below :) šŸ‘‹