πŸ‘‹ My name is Allan

I’m a 22 yr old living in NYC where I currently work on strategy at Robinhood, and spend time with my puppy named Togo.

At the moment, I’m also working on PinTok, an app that lets you categorically save Tiktoks. Pintok just hit #26 on Photo & Video, and has over 3 million uses since it’s launch on May 4th.

Previously I was:

Founder of Glowless (acquired), a startup that builds transdermal patches to help alleviate ALDH2 deficiency (Asian Glow).

Head of Growth at Itsme App where I grew it over 1.5M users (+ hit #4 on Social Networking Charts) πŸ“²

Political Strategist to Michael Bloomberg where I built out unconventional campaign strategies. Business Insider profiled me about this last year.

Head of Growth for NUGGS πŸ—

Head of Growth for Andrew Yang, where I built out & executed strategies that successfully turned him into a meme, and netted his campaign a $1.4M war chest.

Founder at Fidget360, where we were credited being behind the "Fidget Spinner Trend"

I previously graduated from Byram Hills High School 🏫, and dropped out of college freshman year.

Feel free to reach out and say hello below :) πŸ‘‹